We track

in isolated areas

We design

all our products in Namibia

We reduce

your accident rate significantly

We manufacture

all our products in Namibia



We apply

advanced technologies

Vehicle Monitoring

Know position, speed and status of your vehicles at any time, doesn't matter if you are in the office or on the move.

Real-time notifications allow fleet managers to address vehicle and driver events that impact efficiency and safety.

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Control Driving Style

Accidents and high maintenance costs are often caused by carelessness, negligence and aggressive driving behaviour. Whenever it comes to risky driving situations...

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Fleet Management

Manage the costs and services of your fleet in one platform like:

  • Fuel consumption and fuel management
  • Service and licensing management
  • Driver management
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Accident Analysis

Accidents usually result from human error. After each accident some questions arise like:

  • Who caused this accident?
  • Why did it happen?
  • How can we avoid such accidents in future?
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Vehicle Tracking and Driving Style Control

monitoring vehicles in Namibia
These pages illustrate why our GPS Vehicle Tracking System, which is developed and manufactured in Namibia since 2006, is more suitable for the specific local needs of vehicle owners and fleet managers than imported systems.
Direct contact between consumer and manufacturer and the development- and production-team is most effective for both, the consumer and the product.
Our clients benefit from:
  • No contract obligations and lifelong warranty on all our tracking products
  • Obtain maximum control over your fleet and manage it quickly and easily
  • Lower your fleet operating- and vehicle service-costs
  • Avoid misuse of your vehicles
  • Achieve safer driving on Namibia's roads
  • Reducing your accident rate by actively controlling the driving behaviour
  • Reliably recover your stolen vehicle
  • Achieve more benefit by our customised tracking solutions

What We Can Do For You

Optimise your fleet management and detect Misuse and theft

Lower your operating- and service-costs and your repairs

Minimise your accident rate and let your vehicles grow older

Our Clients