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Office in Von Goldammer StreetSince our foundation in 2006, WGS c.c. has achieved an excellent reputation in development and production of electronic hardware and software as well as on the field of innovative technology and customer service. The use of latest technologies and consolidated electronic knowledge, in combination with many years of experience in Europe, enables us to provide optimally adapted products at highest quality standards and best services at a reasonable price. Our products are developed and produced 100% in Namibia. Our key market is SADC and specifically Namibia. But we export as well to USA, Europe, South Africa, Angola and Botswana. While our NamTrack product line has become a leading product for Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery in SADC, we also supply international wild life researchers with tracking hard- and software.

As Namibia is ranking #1 in the world in terms of the most road fatalities per annum, one of our biggest challenges is to reduce the traffic accident rate in our country. In 2007 NamTrack developed a data logging unit that is able to record all data necessary for detailed accident evaluation, like a black box in an aircraft. This was our foundation to understand the nature of accidents (why, when and how they occur in Namibia) and to develop strategies and a respective hardware and software to avoid these accidents. Today, our Discovery System has reduced the written off by accident vehicles in car hire business from between 8% and 10% to below 2% per year.  This is the result of a consequent optimisation process over years which includes permanent analysis and understanding of accidents, compared with direct admonishing of driver, and in case of repeated violations, automatic alarms to the fleet manager before it comes to risky situations and accidents.

With the Mobile NamTrack Commander App, we have developed a customer-friendly, effective and fast communicating application for cell phones and tablets which allows you to monitor and manage your fleet outside of the office directly from your pocket.

Data communication via the largest local mobile network in Namibia is very complicated, as the network is quite fragmentary and over the years has continously been deteriorating because of being heavily overloaded. It is also not complying with the ETSI-Standards. But over the years we have developed specific procedures which allow robust and secure data communication even in rural areas. The result is gap-free tracks and fastest online data access to your fleet data.

A very close co-operation with our customers, and a permanent optimisation process have created very reliable, effective and easily operable platforms, where all the local needs of different fleet types are covered. The NamTrack System provides a huge field of different features which are specifically adapted to Namibia and the neighbouring countries, which includes using lowest local mobile provider tariffs and considering climate and traffic conditions (up to installation and repair of the units by local partners). Our products have been tested under real conditions in different applications in Southern Africa, USA  and Europe. A life-long warranty for all our products affirms a high reliability and stability.

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