Mobile App

NamTrack Mobile Commander is a real-time mobile application for smart phones and tablets which helps fleet managers to gather all relevant information of each vehicle. You can directly contact each tracker and request or change values and parameters.

See the activities of your vehicles on a map


Request the current status of your vehicles

Map Tab

All vehicle activities sorted by time or by number of points can be inspected. For each single data point the details can be retrieved.

Status Tab

We display current status values like speed, engine revolutions, engine temperature, battery voltage, GSM signal strength, number of received GPS satellites, buzzer status, ignition status, road type and a lot more.

Request and Change the buzzer settings in the tracking unit


Request and change the Alarm settings in the tracking unit

Buzzer Tab

Buzzer settings can be requested and changed for each vehicle individually.

Alarms Tab

Alarm settings can be requested and changed for each vehicle individually.


Where in Namibia is Mobile Network performing?

Find the areas in Namibia where Mobile Network is working reliably.

On the base of more than 600.000 new measurements we update the map every 2 days. You can switch between 'GSM-Signal Strength' and 'Operability of  the Mobile Network'.

Please take note that, if there is a good signal strength, it is not said that operability is given too. The reasons for that are heavily overloaded provider servers and insufficient system maintenance.



Which are the best and the worst serviced roads in Namibia at the moment?

For your next tour avoid the badly corrugated roads, which influence your travel comfort and damage your vehicle.

The map is based on second by second measurements of our entire fleet and updated once a day.