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Real-time Monitoring

Real-time tracking (refresh rate down to one second, depending on road condition) forms the basis of fleet management.
Know position, speed, distance and status of your vehicles at all times. Regardless of whether you are in the office or on the go - you are having access to the vehicle monitoring system everywhere.

Real-time notifications allow fleet managers to address abnormal vehicle and driver incidents that compromise efficiency and safety.

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Driving Style Optimisation

New research finds that monitoring the driving style in real time and affecting it positively helps on a number of levels, from security up to maintenance and operating costs.

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Driver and vehicle scoring

The different scoring reports give an informative overview on the driving behaviour, sorted by drivers or vehicles.

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Accident Analysis

Accidents usually result from human error. Each accident brings up questions like:

  • Who caused this accident?
  • Why did it happen?
  • How can we avoid such accidents in future?
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Theft protection

During Covid-19, we determined an increasing number of vehicle thefts through foreigners here in Namibia. Particularly South African car thieves extended their trading area to Namibia.
Our solution: Your vehicle will strike back in case of a theft. The engine is shut down and notifications are sent to the fleet manager.

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Global SIM

Our tracking devices are equipped with Dual-SIM technology. This enables us to give the best rates for Namibia and 173 different countries.
To achieve highest possible coverage and real time tracking our system supports more than one cell provider for most countries in Southern Africa.


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Fleet Management

In the difficult markets these days it is a benefit to differentiate your company and thus optimise operations and reduce the loss in your fleet.
The NamTrack Fleet Management system offers a substantial range of informative features and safety aspects.

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Geo fencing and curfew violations

Create your own no-go and no-leave areas and receive automatic real-time information about geo-zones being entered or exited.
Also get notified when your vehicles are operated outside your business hours.

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Fleet Management

fleet management solution
Companies must handle decreasing demand and tightening capacity alongside other challenges like rising fuel and material prices, bureaucracy regulations and future unsteadiness developments. Being able to manage these challenges from day-to-day tasks to the big picture it is important to keep companies running smoothly and profitably. NamTrack fleet management is the helping hand in providing second-by-second details about job, driver and vehicle progress.

To improve processes fleet managers have access to data and insights on computers and smartphones. The multiple data points allow them to leverage key metrics, like driver behaviour, idle times, vehicle costs and efficiency, supplying answers about productivity.

Safety is a must for all organisations and a fleet management system is an important part of creating driver-, load-, and vehicle safety.
  • How much fuel fuel do my vehicles take and how to reduce consumption?
  • What does my vehicles cost per 100km?
  • Who of my drivers preserves my vehicles best?

These and many more important questions you need to answer to run a fleet under optimised conditions and reduced costs.
NamTrack fleet management is  accumulating, storing, processing, monitoring and exporting all necessary information.

NamTrack will help you in finding fuel theft and extended fuel consumption which often is the result of rough driving styles or technical problems in the vehicle.

Vehicle management
  • Vehicle inventory and the number and type of vehicles
  • Specific routine maintenance and scheduled mainenance
  • Registration-, licensing-, roadworthy- and safety-intervalls
  • Fuel management
Driver management
  • Driver details
  • Driving behaviour
  • Penalty points
  • Driver comparison
  • Licence management
Incident management
With our fleet management system you are able to iscover your driver's behaviors and introduce them in a smoother driving style. Smother driving results in enhanced passenger comfort and safer traveling which means lower accident rates and less mechanical wear and higher service intervals.


Click to test our demo tracker and get an idea of how easy and reliably NamTrack works

What you see is a vehicle on its way through Southern Africa.
Check the maximum speeds on gravel- and tar-roads and watch our system limiting the speeds to 83km/h respectively 123km/h. Search for gaps in the tracks, even in cell-uncovered areas.
For any questions you are welcome to contact us here.


Where in Namibia is Mobile Network performing?

Find the areas in Namibia where Mobile Network is working reliably.

On the base of more than 600.000 new measurements we update the map every 2 days. You can switch between 'GSM-Signal Strength' and 'Operability of  the Mobile Network'.

Please take note that, if there is a good signal strength, it is not said that operability is given too. The reasons for that are heavily overloaded provider servers and insufficient system maintenance.



Which are the best and the worst serviced roads in Namibia at the moment?

For your next tour avoid the badly corrugated roads, which influence your travel comfort and damage your vehicle.

The map is based on second by second measurements of our entire fleet and updated once a day.

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Lower your operating, service and repair costs

Minimise your accident rate and keep your vehicles for longer

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